Maquia [Blu-Ray]


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Animasjon: P. A. Works
Spilletid: 114min
Lydspor: Japansk, Engelsk
Undertekst (kun på japansk lydspor): Engelsk
Region: B

"If you ever meet anyone from the outside, you mustn't fall in love. If you do, you'll truly become alone."

For young Maquia, a member of the long-lived and practically immortal Iorph race, this warning from the tribe's elder seems both confusing and irrelevant. When the Iorph are attacked by those who wish to take their powers of longevity for themselves, Maquia finds herself fleeing her home and venturing into the outside world for the first time.

As a result of her escape, Maquia comes across an orphaned baby and, taking pity on him, decides to raise him. So begins a journey of discovery through the  ages which gives weight to the elder's words, as time moves on and Maquia's  world is changed irreversibly by the many meetings and partings which cross her path.

The directional debut of talented scriptwriter Mari Okada, Maquia: When the  Promised Flower Blooms is a heartfelt and touching story of connections,  motherhood, and the rich tapestry of life.