My-HiME - Complete Series [Blu-Ray]


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Animasjon: Sunrise
Episoder: 26
Spilletid: 650min
Lydspor: Japansk, Engelsk
Undertekst (kun på japansk lydspor): Engelsk
Region: B

Sometimes special powers are a curse...

Mai Tokiha and her brother Takumi have just transferred to the Fuka Academy, where a lot of strange things have been happening lately. They learn of the existence of the HiME, girls with supernatural powers capable of summoning powerful entities known as "Children". It soon turns out that Mai is one of those HiME, although her powers have not yet fully awakened!

However, being a HiME is not as easy as it sounds - all this power comes with a steep price, and there will come a time when the girls will not only have to put their lives on the line, but also what's most precious to them...