Re:ZERO - Starting Life in Another World - Season 1 Part 1 [Blu-Ray]


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Animasjon: White Fox
Episoder: 12
Spilletid: 325min
Lydspor: Japansk, Engelsk
Undertekst (kun på japansk lydspor): Engelsk
Region: B

A simple trip to the convenience store turns into a life-changing experience for Subaru Natsuki, as he finds himself inexplicably transported to another world out of the blue. While the structure of this strange lands seems to mirror the trappings of the RPGs Subaru knows all too well, unfortunately for him he has been thrust into this dangerous world without any kind of magical powers or overwhelming skills at his disposal... or has he? Unfortunately for this unlikely hero, his sole ability is one that can only be activated by the most dire of circumstances: his death.